Branding Photography & Content Strategy for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits

Storytelling Images To Show Who You Are & What You Do

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I create stand-out branding photos that use the power of storytelling to connect people with the real you.

You know that high-quality, personalized photos boost the visibility and conversion of your online content, but you struggle to find a photo you want at the moment you need it.

Here's where I come in. 

In just one session, I can provide you with weeks or months of high-impact visuals that grab your audience's attention and convey the essence of your brand.

Unlike phone selfies and snapshots, the photographs I create stand out in the crowded field of social media.

Not only that, but they also help YOU stand out. I photograph you being you: running your business, enjoying your life, and making your amazing contributions to the world.

These photos will tell the story of your brand and show the world your "Why." 

And the best part? We get done in one shoot what would otherwise take you precious time every day- or never get done at all. You will love the ease and freedom of having grab-and-go, authentic images at your fingertips.

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"Keely has given us some great material for our website and social media posts. I can't recommend her highly enough for an authentic small business/ personal branding approach."
"Keely works magic with her camera. She creates a comfortable, natural environment in which you will look your very best. I have traveled hours for her services because I know I will always be happy with the results. I can't recommend her highly enough."
"Keely is equally professional and personal. My favorite thing about her pictures is that (although she's also perfected 'posed' pictures) she is a master of capturing unpredictable, honest, unexpectedly precious moments. Her photography will beautifully catch the candid reality of your day! I highly recommend her!"

Hi! I'm Keely.

I help entrepreneurs and influencers stand out to their online audience by creating attention-getting photos that cultivate connection.

I love to create authentic, real-life portraits and documentary-style photos of people doing what they love to do. 

I use my camera to convey your story and personality through photos. These true-to-life images help your ideal clients connect with who you are and what you do.

I live in the western highlands of Virginia, and my heart is split between the mountains (where I was born) and the beach (where I grew up).  Traveling and exploring new places is my idea of a great time, so no matter where you're located, I'm game!

I'd love to learn more about your story- and help you tell it!

Are you an entrepreneur who's ready to take daily hunting for daily social media content photos off your to-do list?

Step 1: Contact Me

Click the button below and email me to let me know you're interested. Include any questions you have for me! I'll respond to your questions and we'll set up a time to chat.

Step 2: Let's Talk

We'll meet in person or by phone or video call to go through all the main components of a personal brand photography session and get a feel for whether we're a good fit for each other.

Step 3: Make it Official!

If we decide to move forward, we'll sign the paperwork, schedule your photo session, and start drafting your brand stories!


Options range from $795 to $5995
All brand photography sessions include commercial use license. Pricing incentives available for recurring, subscription-based sessions.

At $1595, my standard branding package provides you with enough custom, personalized, story-based images for three months of daily social media posting.

Just getting started? Have different needs? Only want website photos? Let's find what works for you. Contact me below, and I can give you a quote on a custom package.


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